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Travel Insurance A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Peace of Mind

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The date of  departure for your trip is approaching, your reservations are finalized, and your suitcases are ready. Now, to leave with complete peace of mind, you are probably asking yourself the question: Is it a good idea to travel without insurance?

Having an accident, losing your luggage, falling ill, or even being repatriated—anything can happen when traveling! Travel insurance and its guarantees are intended to protect the traveler at the time of departure and throughout their trip. It provides coverage adapted to the length of stay as well as the destination and protects the traveler if necessary. Above all, travel insurance allows you to enjoy your vacation with complete peace of mind.

Why  travel insurance is important ?

If I cancel my trip

Emergency at home or office or any unforeseen events can push you to cancel your trip at the last minute. And, without travel cancellation insurance, you will have to pay for part or all of your travel expenses. To avoid this type of situation, you can take apply for cancellation insurance before your departure.

In general, cancellation insurance reimburses the costs incurred for your trip, minus the amount already reimbursed by the trip organizer (airline, travel booking site, travel agency, etc.) and sometimes a deductible.

Cancellation insurance is often inexpensive (the amount corresponds to a small percentage of the price of your trip).

If I lose my luggage or it is stolen

Some unexpected events may also happen during your trip. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen every day, but, for example, the airline can lose your luggage at the airport. So remember to cover your personal belongings so you don’t have to regret it and have to buy them back at a real cost.

Compensation in the event of theft or loss of luggage may be capped by your insurance. Find out about the limit and check the guarantees before applying for a travel insurance. It is important to specify that not all guarantees are the same, depending on the contract.

If I get sick or have a minor accident

A cold or a flu can really ruin your trip, especially if the situation gets worse. This is also the case for small accidents that may occur on site. When self-medication is no longer enough, you have to decide to consult a doctor and put your money into your wallet to treat yourself properly. Between visiting the doctor and going to the pharmacy, the bill can quickly add up.

If you travel in Europe and you have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), it is possible—but not systematic—to obtain a refund. Please note that this reimbursement will be in accordance with the Social Security reimbursement scale of your country of origin.

Outside the European Union, it is also possible that all care remains your responsibility. Without insurance, expect to pay for your entire care out of pocket. Indeed, medicine around the world has disparate costs. Here are some examples of the prices for a consultation with a general practitioner around the world:

  • between 100 and 150 dollars in the United States
  • between 80 and 100 Australian dollars in Australia
  • 5,000 yen (around 38 euros) in Japan

The cost of a consultation of this type is still limited and will not break the bank, but can be covered by good travel insurance. This will allow you to spend your travel budget on items other than your medical expenses!

If I have a serious illness or accident and I have to be hospitalized and/or repatriated

If you have to be hospitalized, travel insurance will cover you and prevent you from breaking the bank on medical expenses. You should know that even in countries with a lower standard of living than that of your country of origin (such as in Southeast Asia), access to quality care can be very expensive. You will often pay a higher rate than in Europe! In North American countries, the bill can skyrocket, especially if you have to have surgery or stay in the hospital for several days. In the United States, a simple sprained ankle can cost you several thousand dollars!

Regarding repatriation insurance, you will be returned to your country of origin if necessary. Without travel insurance, you or your loved ones will have to cover your repatriation for whatever reason: accident, illness, or death. In the event of medical repatriation, prices can quickly skyrocket: an economy-class flight taken overnight or repatriation on a medical plane can cost you up to 30,000USD

Should you buy Travel Insurance?

Certain adventures encountered during your trip can cost you very dearly. Of course, we keep our fingers crossed that nothing happens to you, but you never know In the event of unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance gives you the chance of not going into debt. So, of course, initially, it represents an investment in your travel budget, but it can also represent a real source of savings and a significant service.

When it is not compulsory, you are free not to take out travel insurance; however, we strongly recommend it. If you travel without insurance, as the expression goes, it is “at your own risk”!

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