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How to Cancel Progressive Insurance?

How to Cancel Progressive Insurance?
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Progressive Insurance is fond of advertising how easy it is to “switch and save” on car, house, motorcycle, and other insurance. Interestingly, steps about how to cancel Progressive insurance coverage is also a rather simple process if you are interested in doing just that. The termination process is however dependent on your location. This is because each state in the United States, for instance, has its insurance laws and regulations. Before you begin your termination process irrespective of your location, it is advisable to secure alternative insurance for your Progressive policy, especially for a car.

In this article, you will find out steps for policy cancellation and replacement guides. Keep reading.


Preparing for Policy Replacement

Dedication of Time

The first thing to do is to dedicate time to think about changing insurance providers. You can cancel your insurance at any time from Progressive or any other provider. However, any cancellation that will come on board are usually considered at two favorable options.

Check Progressive Insurance Cancellation Policy

While attempting how to cancel Progressive insurance, you’re expected to examine your Progressive policy for information regarding cancellation fees. In some instances, you may have to pay a cancellation fee, if you want to cancel your policy before the renewal date and that varies based on the rules in your area and the type of policy subscribed to. The cost is equal to 10% of the remaining premium policy, in certain instances. Simply put, if you have three months remaining at $150 per month, your price would be approximately $45. Nevertheless, if you paid in advance for your policy, you will be refunded for the portion you did not use after cancellation. You can seek further information and review your Progressive policy by visiting your online account or call 800-776-4737 (U.S.).

Select new Insurance Coverage for your Car

It is mandated for every car owner to insure their cars in every State in the US. Therefore, when you cancel your Progressive coverage, you must be ready to have a replacement package for the cancelled policy, as required by the law. In order to do this, search around to discover a new policy regarding how to cancel Progressive insurance, your needs and your budget.

To get the quotation for any insurer, you have three options:

Can the new Insurance Provider help to cancel progressive insurance policy?

The answer to the above is in the affirmative but with some exceptions. Some insurers will be delighted to have your business on their side; therefore, they will handle a large portion which extends to overseeing the termination process of your current or previous policy. If that happens, you may only need to append your signature on a document or affirm the same orally. However, if they choose not to help you with it, you can also walk yourself through the cancellation process.

Steps to Cancel Progressive Insurance

The first step is to send an Email containing a signed cancellation policy form and it is the easiest way to kick-start a termination process. Most of the states in the US demand a signed document for effective termination of car insurance. You can also check pre-made forms online which you can complete and mail their In a situation whereby you may not be able to use any of the first two options, you can quickly draft a form letter with the following details:

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, before you can begin any cancelation process, you need to understand the outlined termination steps. It is important you comply with the guiding principles while discussing how to cancel Progressive insurance request directly with the insurer.This can enable policyholders tohave a smooth transition from their coverage. With prompt communication and completion of necessary paperwork, the process is made easier.It is also important for every individual to verify the cessation of coverage and any associated refunds after cancellation. Ultimately, it’s crucial you explore alternative insurance options as this might be prudent to maintaining adequate coverage without interruption. Therefore, empowering individuals with informed decisions with a systematic approach which ensures a hassle-free cancellation process.


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